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Join Our Reddit Community r/ChivalricHumanism

I have found that because other online groups on reddit about humanism and atheism are controlled by anti-religion social activists, I cannot share the message of Chivalric Humanism in them. For example, I am banned from r/atheism and my posts in the past have been removed from r/humanism, too. This is not because Chivalric Humanism is pro-religion but because the anti-religion social activists have no tolerance for anyone who disagrees with their zealotry.

In the past, I disagreed with an r/atheism moderator who claimed that male circumcision was as equally a horrible practice as female genital mutilation and this led to my becoming banned from the community. Let me explain. I am the author of a heavily cited and upvoted post on r/AskHistorians where I explain the origins of male circumcision practices by Christians and that there is substantial evidence that it prevents the spread of STDs, which is primarily why it is practiced by non-Jewish people (namely, Christians). By contrast, female genital mutilation has no such purpose and is done purely for religious reasons with the stated goal of preventing women from enjoying sexual intercourse on the belief it will make them more ‘chaste’. The moderator did not like what I said, and so I was banned from the community for defending a legitimate medical practice because he personally disagreed with it.

This is of course not the only example of anti-religious zealotry by the moderators; there are plenty of other documented cases people can easily find via a Google search. I am simply explaining why I was banned many years ago from r/atheism.

I have created the reddit community r/ChivalricHumanism to be a subreddit where secular people can openly discuss their ideas and beliefs freely without becoming banned for questioning the utility of anti-religious zealotry.

Feel free to join it and share your thoughts, questions and ideas.

Carey Martell

Carey Martell is the founder of the school of Chivalric Humanism, a secular naturalistic philosophy promoting excellence and virtue.