Latest Past Events

Knights Templar Day

This is a Chivalric Humanism holiday to celebrate the formation of the Knights Templar order. Although the order is believed to have been formed some time in 1119, no surviving records from this time exist that specify a date. The earliest surviving official document acknowledging the Templars as an organization is the Omne datum optimum […]

Knights Hospitaller Day

A Chivalric Humanism holiday for celebrating the founding of the Knights Hospitaller on February 15th, 1113. Per the 'Pie postulatio voluntatis' (Most Pious Request) Papal bull issued by Pope Paschal II, the Knights Hospitaller were formally recognized as a sovereign knightly order. We celebrate this day because the moral ideas of the Knights Hospitaller inspired […]

Charles Darwin Day

This is a day to celebrate the birthday of Charles Darwin, great contributor to science who popularized the theory of evolution with his celebrated work.